The human body needs to supplement vitamin C, but remember these two precautions

Vitamin C may be a kind of nutritional element that many people will supplement at ordinary times, but in fact, this kind of nutritional element should also know some precautions when replenishing, otherwise it may cause problems to your body and be harmful to your body.

Let's let Xiaobian give you a few tips on vitamin C supplementation.

supplement vitamin C

First, don't eat vitamin C when eating shrimp

For some shrimp food, such as lobster, shrimp and recently very hot crawfish, many female friends may like to eat them at ordinary times, but such shrimp cannot be eaten at the same time as vitamin C; Because shrimp food often contains a substance called pentavalent arsenic, which is easy to react with vitamin C, and then forms a bivalent arsenic substance, which may not be clear to many people, but it has another name that you may be familiar with, that is, arsenic, which is a toxic substance harmful to the body; Because we should pay attention to this when eating shrimp food, do not eat fruits with vitamin C at the same time;

Second, do not overdose vitamin C

Many people may pay more attention to vitamin C supplementation because of the lack of vitamin C or the fact that vitamin C is particularly good for the body. But in fact, if you choose some vitamin C pills to supplement through food, although the effect may be better, taking them for a long time or often is not conducive to your health, which is likely to lead to problems such as excessive stomach acid, and even in serious cases, it will cause your life risk; Or if you have a long-term habit of taking vitamin C, and once you stop taking vitamin C for a period of time, you may have scurvy.

Therefore, although vitamin C is a good nutrient for human body, it should also be paid attention to and be careful in the process of supplement, and do not overdose or overdose it.

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