Do you make these "wine table knowledge"? Learn how to make you drink

Is it true that some people are born with better drinking capacity, born with better drinking capacity than you can, and can always do not get drunk after drinking a lot of wine? Often in the wine market, it is estimated that many people will meet such people, which makes you have to be convinced that they are more able to drink and have better drinking capacity than you;

But today Xiaobian wants to tell you secretly that you can do this sometimes, and also reduce the harm and influence of too much alcohol on your body.

wine table knowledge

First of all, you may need to pay attention to "rhythm" when drinking;

"Rhythm" refers to the time and frequency when you are drinking. It is estimated that when you are at the wine table, you may always return with respect, or you may always operate like a tiger, and drink like a tiger directly at the beginning. If you don't choose to drink like a tiger, drink like a tiger all the time. It may be that such a way of drinking is often very easy, which will make you drunk soon, and often feel a little uncomfortable in the stomach, unable to support;

In fact, when drinking, you should pay attention to "rhythm". At the beginning, you may need to warm up your body. At the beginning, you should not drink too much or too hard. Then you should try to control the amount of alcohol you drink each time, so that you can last longer and not get drunk easily;

Besides, don't just drink and eat when you drink

Before drinking, you need to fill your stomach first. Otherwise, you will not only get drunk easily, but also hurt your body. For the dishes on the table, you should also choose. For example, you can eat more foods that are good for your liver, such as carrots with extra vitamin A, spinach, etc; In addition to paying attention to liver protection, you need to supplement some body protein substances. This can be supplemented by eating some egg food, which is often more efficient. You can also choose to drink some milk drinks.

On the whole, maybe if you know such knowledge at the table, you will often be more "drinkable".

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