It’s time to eat litchi again, but pay attention to the following points

Recently, many female friends may start to sell a kind of fruit in the vegetable market, or in the streets. There is no mistake, that is, litchi;

In a second, it’s a ripe season for lychees. Many people may start eating fruits like lychees at this time. But Xiaobian may want to remind you today that although lychees are delicious, you should also pay attention to the right amount. Otherwise, it may cause some physical problems.

eat litchi

For example, eating too much litchi may cause hypoglycemia

It’s estimated that many female friends will wonder that litchi is not a sweet fruit, so it should have a lot of sugar. How can it lead to hypoglycemia when you eat too much?

In fact, it’s no problem to think about it like this, but many female friends don’t know whether there is any difference in sugar. For litchi, the sugar in the fruit belongs to fructose, which may be different from the glucose that makes up blood sugar. There’s no way for the two to directly transform each other, and often your body In order to digest and transform the fructose in your body, you will need to consume a large number of glucose substances in your body. In this case, you may often lead to excessive consumption of blood sugar in your body, which may lead to hypoglycemia, dizziness and other physical symptoms;

Eating too much lychees can easily cause fire

In addition to causing hypoglycemia, litchi is also a kind of fruit that is particularly easy to cause the body to catch fire. For some female friends who are on fire or who are relatively easy to catch fire, they must also try to eat less litchi, or they may often cause your body to have various adverse symptoms of catching fire.

In a word, although litchi is a kind of seasonal fruit, it is delicious and sweet, but in the process of eating, we should also remember not to be too greedy for sweetness, and eat it in proper amount.

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