Does disease and operation affect sexual function

Pelvic surgery, such as radical resection of rectal cancer, prostatectomy and so on, can cause sexual dysfunction due to the damage of nerves that dominate sexual organs. Sympathectomy for obstructive vasculitis can cause impotence.

Physical and mental health is closely related to sexual function. The pain caused by disease will directly or indirectly affect sexual function. Sound sexual function includes three parts: sexual desire, sexual pleasure and orgasm. The decline of sexual function caused by various factors is often only one or two, not all. In the early stage of some diseases, sexual desire is decreased, such as liver disease. Kidney disease and diabetes. The most sensitive symptoms in the early stage of hepatitis are loss of appetite and sexual desire. Therefore, when a healthy person suddenly appears the above symptoms, it is necessary to first check the liver function, eliminate liver disease, and then eliminate diabetes, thyroid disease, adrenocortical disease and pituitary tumor. Some diseases can lead to sexual hyperfunction, such as tuberculosis, leprosy and so on.

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