Unmarried youth also suffer from prostatitis

Generally speaking, prostatitis is more common in married adult men, while the incidence of unmarried young people is relatively low. However, this does not mean that unmarried youth will not suffer from prostatitis. In fact, the incidence of prostate disease in unmarried youth is on the rise in recent years.

This is because, in modern society, young people are open-minded, have more and more knowledge and contact about sex, many people have premarital sexual behavior, many people have the bad habit of excessive masturbation, which will lead to persistent congestion of the prostate, and thus easily lead to prostatitis. In addition, unscientific lifestyle, a large number of drinking and smoking, eating stimulating food, etc., can cause prostate disease.


Therefore, it is wrong to think that unmarried youth will not suffer from prostatitis, and it is even more dangerous to relax their vigilance.

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