Don’t take vitamins when you are sick

Some people think that vitamin is a kind of medicine, only patients need to supplement. This view is due to the lack of understanding of the function of vitamins. When vitamin is used to treat diseases, it can be regarded as a kind of medicine, because the treatment of vitamin deficiency is nothing but it. For example, scurvy needs to be treated with vitamin C, night blindness needs to be treated with vitamin A, leprosy needs to be treated with niacin, etc.

At the same time, vitamins are also necessary nutrients for the human body, which need to be taken in a certain amount every day. Otherwise, the metabolism of human body will be impaired, which will affect health. In theory, as long as the diet is balanced, people can get the vitamins they need for a day without additional supplements. However, in real life, due to the influence of food supply, food processing, cooking methods, eating habits and other factors, it is difficult to achieve a balanced diet, which more or less causes the deficiency of some vitamins. It shows that in real life, people still need to supplement a small amount of multi vitamins.

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