Vitamins are not good

As vitamins are essential nutrients for human body and have important physiological functions, some people think that the more vitamins they eat, the better. This practice is not only wrong, but also very dangerous! Vitamins can be divided into water-soluble and fat soluble, and fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D and so on take too much time.

It can not be excreted directly with urine, and is easy to accumulate in the body, causing poisoning. As for water-soluble vitamins, although they can be excreted from urine after eating more, they are less toxic, but they can still damage human organs if taken in large quantities.

In addition, taking too much vitamin for a long time can reduce the absorption rate of vitamin in food. Once you stop taking vitamin, it will lead to the symptoms of vitamin deficiency.

Therefore, it is not scientific to take excessive vitamin for a long time. The dosage taken by normal people, including the vitamins in the food, should reach the amount specified in the dietary standard of our country.

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