Don't turn up the volume too much when listening to the music

Too much noise can damage the hearing of the ear. In recent years, a variety of entertainment and high-tech products have made our lives more and more rich. However, while enjoying life, we are also inadvertently damaging our ears.

Too loud will damage your ears

Young people like to listen to MP3, and the sound of headphones is very big. They think that's cool. Later, they gradually find that when they listen to music, their voice is getting louder and louder, and they can't hear clearly when they are a little smaller. Some experts say: "hearing loss has become a kind of life style disease, which brings chronic progressive hearing loss just like boiling Frogs!"! &"I didn't realize it at the beginning, but I usually found it was serious and couldn't get back to normal.

Suggestion: it is better to adjust the volume of earphone to within 60 dB.

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