Brush your teeth before going to bed

Many people neglect the importance of brushing their teeth before going to bed, resulting in unhealthy symptoms. After people fall asleep, bacteria are easy to reproduce when the oral temperature and saliva secretion are reduced. Sugar fermentation produces acid and corrodes teeth to form cavities. So it's very important to brush your teeth before going to bed, which can not only remove the food residue in your mouth, but also prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Brushing your teeth before going to bed is more important

The correct brushing time should be within ten minutes after the meal. There are more than 10 billion bacteria in one gram of tartar. During the day, because of eating, drinking, swallowing saliva, many bacteria are killed by gastric acid in the stomach, and can also be discharged from the body through speech, spitting and other actions. At night, because the oral cavity remains still, the saliva secretion is reduced, the self-cleaning function of the oral cavity is reduced, the bacteria take advantage of the opportunity to multiply, erode the teeth for a long time, and are prone to caries, periodontitis and other diseases, which can also cause the mouth to be greasy and smelly after getting up in the morning. Therefore, brushing teeth before going to bed is of great significance to the health of teeth. Brushing teeth should be as thorough as possible.

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