Drinking water and detoxification of white-collar beauties

The sudden increase of work pressure and the acceleration of life rhythm make many people unable to adapt well in a short time, so that the human body has some maladjusted symptoms. Especially some white-collar beauties who have been sitting at the computer tables for a long time have accumulated a lot of toxins in their bodies due to their inactivity, which leads to constipation, acne, swimming circle and other diseases.

Therefore, in addition to daily health care, it is also very important for white-collar female friends to detoxify. Lin Meng is an employee of a company. In the season when many people are sleepy, she is still full of energy and seldom appears fatigue. Xiao Lin confesses that she has no secret. Drinking water is her important habit.

Experts suggest that every normal person must drink 2 liters of water every day, so as to meet the daily water demand of the human body. But when drinking water, we should also measure according to our own weight. Each kilogram of weight can correspond to 30 ml of water. If the weight is 60 kg, it’s better to add 1.8 liters of water every day. And also develop the habit of drinking a cup of warm boiled water every morning, which can effectively promote the production of defecation, in order to prevent constipation. In addition, you can’t wait until you are thirsty. If you wait until the signal of thirsty appears, the water shortage in your body is very serious. The best way to eat is to drink 300 ml of water every 1 & mdash; 1.5 hours.

Water stands in an absolute proportion in our body to ensure that sufficient water can dilute and remove toxins in our body, so as to avoid the absorption of these toxins. By diluting the toxins in our body, water can make human cells live in a healthy living environment and improve the immune function of human body. Therefore, drinking water timely and appropriately is of great significance for promoting metabolism and ensuring health.

At the same time, trace elements are added

In addition to replenishing water, our body also needs to replenish some trace elements, so it is better to choose natural mineral water containing trace elements. Not only can play a good role in water supply, but also can give the human body to supplement trace elements. Generally, the water used in the company is mainly bottled water, that is, pure water, but this kind of water does not contain trace elements, so it is advisable to add some trace elements when drinking water

Supplement, especially some teas, such as green tea, black tea, oolong tea, chrysanthemum tea, all kinds of flower tea, etc., contain trace elements, which are also good for detoxification and beautification.

Tea contains some microelements necessary for human body, which can play a good role in reducing pressure and eliminating fatigue. More importantly, it can promote metabolism of human body, so as to maintain the normal function of heart, blood vessel, gastrointestinal and other organs. What the sedentary white-collar people lack most is the health care effect in this respect. Therefore, you may as well put a cup of scented flower tea on the desk, which can not only refresh your mind, but also have the effect of detoxification and beautification. At the same time, rich trace elements can protect the hematopoietic function of human body, and the anti radiation substances in tea can reduce the harm of radiation and protect vision.

Tips for the whole people: health tea for office people

1. If the eyes are not comfortable, and dry eyes and red eyes appear at the same time, you can drink chrysanthemum tea, which can add some wolfberry, cassia seed, etc., with more eye protection effect.

2. I always feel sluggish at work. I can drink Astragalus tea when I don’t want to talk or feel powerless.

3. If white-collar women have dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, depression and other symptoms, they may as well drink rose tea.

White-collar work is generally based on the office, long-term lack of exercise will make the body accumulate a lot of toxins, which will seriously harm human health in the long run. Therefore, in addition to eating more Detox food, we should also increase some appropriate exercise to promote the metabolism of the body, so as to better eliminate the toxins in the body.

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