How to eliminate body toxins

(1) We should adhere to the appropriate sports, strengthen the physique, promote blood circulation, improve the body’s resistance to poisons, and accelerate the excretion of poisons.

(2) Reasonable diet, balanced nutrition and unobstructed defecation are conducive to the elimination of dregs and poisons in the intestine.

(3) We should stop smoking and give up drugs and drink less, and try to reduce the amount of poison entering the body.

(4) Often choose to eat some anti pollution and blood toxin foods, such as pig blood, fungus, kelp, scallion and garlic, fresh juice, etc., to ensure the purity of blood and reduce the risk of disease.

(5) If you have a disease, you must use medicine reasonably under the guidance of your doctor to prevent & ldquo; drug toxicity & rdquo; from damaging your health.

Spirulina’s nutrient content has broken many world records. It is the real champion of general nutrition: it has the highest ratio of protein content in all foods (it is high-quality protein, easy to digest and absorb): it has the highest absorbable iron content in all foods (it can fight against anaemia); it is vitamin B1, the highest content food (3 times more than the content in pig liver) it It contains the most carotene in all foods (15 times of carrots: it also contains phycocyanin, which has the effect of preventing and treating pain). Therefore, spirulina has a gratifying therapeutic and health care function. At the same time of giving people rich nutrition, it can achieve the purpose of disease assistant treatment and disease prevention without disease.

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