Everything about watermelons, contract you a cool summer

Watermelon is everyone’s favorite fruit in summer, especially ice watermelon. In the past, when there was no refrigerator, people put watermelons into the cold water to cool them. When they wanted to eat, they brought watermelons up from the well. It was also a very enjoyable way for everyone to eat them together to enjoy the cool.

The total number of watermelons eaten by Chinese is far more than that of other countries in the world. They eat 70% of the world’s watermelons, which shows how Chinese like to eat watermelons. Watermelon is the most common fruit in the market in summer, most of which are cheap and don’t care how to eat.

Everything about watermelons

Selection of watermelon

1. Shape of watermelon

In the selection of watermelon, there are also some tips for you to refer to. Oval longer watermelon has more water and round watermelon has more sweetness. You can choose according to your preference.

2. Melon root

The thin melon base is a vine on the top of the watermelon. If the color of the melon base is dark, it means that the watermelon is ripe and tastes better. If the color of the melon base is lighter, it means that the watermelon is not ripe enough when it is picked, and the taste is easy to be inadequate.

3. The color of watermelon

When we choose fruits, we tend to choose those that are very beautiful, such as those watermelons that are green and bright without spots. In fact, those watermelons with yellow spots at the bottom are not good-looking, but taste better. There is no mistake in choosing such watermelons.

4. The sound of watermelon

The most commonly used way for us to choose watermelon is to play with fingers to listen to the sound of watermelon. Generally, the sound of ripe watermelon is dull, while the sound of immature watermelon is more crisp. It can be clearly distinguished by comparison in the market.

Watermelon is sweet and cool. It can relieve summer heat, diuresis and replenish water. Especially in summer, people like to cut half of it and dig it with a spoon. It’s very cool. However, the sugar content of watermelon is relatively high, and the people who control sugar themselves cannot eat too much.

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