Is vegetable oil the best oil? In fact, you may be wrong

In modern society, many people are paying more and more attention to the maintenance of their bodies, and their awareness of health preservation has been greatly improved. At ordinary times, they often consciously learn some knowledge and methods about maintaining their health;

But today, Xiaobian should remind women with such awareness that sometimes some so-called health knowledge may be wrong.

vegetable oil

For example, many people may think that vegetable oil is the best oil

Female friends who usually pay attention to weight loss or body fat intake should pay special attention to the selection and use of cooking cooking oil. For some low-quality and cheap cooking oil, they may never use it and worry about causing harm to the body; For the cooking oil made from the fat of some animals, such as lard, it may be more fragrant even though it is fried, but they will also cause such oil to eat more and tend to be fat;

After excluding these oils, many female friends may buy some vegetable oil. They think that vegetable oil should be the best, not only healthy, but also don’t have to worry about eating too much to get fat. However, this view may be wrong, because vegetable oil is also very high in calories, and its oil composition is not low at all;

For example, many people may think that they should eat less yolk

For some female friends who have fitness, they may think that they only need to eat egg protein, and the yolk is best not to eat. Because they will say that eating the yolk will cause your body cholesterol to rise, which is not good for your body. But in fact, cholesterol can’t be too low, and if you don’t eat too many eggs, it won’t lead to too much cholesterol rise; and the yolk is also the part of the eggs with extra nutrients, if you choose not to eat, it’s particularly wasteful.

So for the above so-called health knowledge, it is necessary to understand the big housework to avoid falling into some health errors.

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