Food that helps to detoxify the body

According to modern medicine, allergy, hypofunction and cancer are all related to the infection of organs and blood by various kinds of toxins. These contaminations come from various aspects, such as: being infected by harmful gases, dust and metal particles; being infected by various toxins in the diet; being stimulated by radiation due to skin and meat or being affected by metabolic disorders or constipation and feces. Then, the following foods can remove toxins from the body.

1. According to the traditional medicine of mung bean, mung bean is cold and sweet, which can detoxify the poison of gold stone, arsenic and plants. Modern medicine has also proved that mung bean can prevent and cure heavy metal, pesticide poisoning and other kinds of food poisoning. It can accelerate the metabolism and excretion of toxic substances in the body, and is the best detoxification food. Therefore, people who often contact with lead, arsenic, cadmium, chemical fertilizer and pesticide should eat more mung bean soup, mung bean porridge or mung bean sprout in their daily diet.

2. According to traditional Chinese medicine of animal blood, animal blood is beneficial to bowel catharsis and clearing intestinal dirt. The blood of these animals includes chicken blood, duck blood, goose blood and pig blood, especially pig blood. Modern medicine has proved that the plasma protein in animal blood can produce a kind of detoxification and intestinal smoothing substance after the decomposition of human stomach acid and digestive enzyme. This substance can react with the dust and harmful metal particles that invade the intestinal
, making it become the waste that is not easily absorbed by human body and excreted.

3. Fungus food contains more cleaning liquid and detoxifying substances. These foods include Lentinus edodes, Pleurotus ostreatus, Volvariella volvacea, Flammulina velutipes, Auricularia auricula, Auricularia auricula, Poria cocos, Hericium erinaceus, Cordyceps sinensis and Ganoderma lucidum, especially Auricularia auricula has the most significant detoxification function. People who have more contact with dust and fiber in cement factories, asbestos factories, mines and spinning factories should often eat some edible mushrooms.

4. Seaweed traditional Chinese medicine believes that kelp in seaweed is cold and salty, which can soften, firm, disperse, clear away heat, promote water, remove fat and reduce blood pressure. Other seaweed foods, such as Porphyra, Nostoc flagelliforme, spirulina, cauliflower, Ulva, Pueraria and Artemisia, also have the above functions of kelp. Seaweed food is alkaline, and the collagen material can promote the body's radioactive material to be discharged with the stool, and can effectively prevent and treat hypertension; the alginic acid can slow down the absorption rate of the radioactive element strontium by the intestinal tract and discharge it out of the body, and has the excretion effect of cadmium in the body, so it has the effect of preventing leukemia.

5. Among all kinds of vegetables, onion only contains prostaglandin A, which can relax blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. It also contains allyldisulfide and a small amount of amino acids, which can not only reduce blood lipid, but also prevent arteriosclerosis.

6. Carrots and carrots are not only rich in carotene (vitamin A), but also in pectin. Pectin is a kind of detoxifying substance, which can combine with mercury in the body, effectively reduce the concentration of mercury ions in the blood, accelerate the discharge of mercury ions in the body, so it has a special role in removing mercury.

7. Fig is the best product in the fruit, rich in organic acids and a variety of enzymes, with the functions of clearing heat, moistening intestines, helping digestion, protecting liver and detoxifying. Fig also has a certain resistance to sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide, hydrogen chloride and benzene and other toxic substances.

8. Fresh fruit juice, fresh vegetable juice and fresh vegetable juice without cooking and frying are the & ldquo; detergents & rdquo; in the human body, which can remove toxins and wastes accumulated in the body. Its detoxification mechanism is: when a certain amount of fresh juice or vegetable juice enters the human digestive system, it will make the blood alkaline, so that the toxin accumulated in the cells can be dissolved, and then discharged through the excretion system.

9. Modern tea medicine believes that tea can accelerate the excretion of toxic substances in the body, which is inseparable from the comprehensive effect of tea polyphenols, polysaccharides and vitamin C.

10. In addition to mung bean, corn has the most obvious detoxification effect, followed by corn. Corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium, lecithin and vitamin E, which can reduce serum cholesterol. Indians in America have little hypertension or coronary heart disease, mainly because they eat corn.

11. Sweet potato scientists from Kinki University in Japan have developed a sweet potato that can decompose toxic substances of pesticides by using transgenic technology, which can greatly reduce the harm of pesticide residues to consumers.

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