Why vegetables are not as fresh as possible

General doctors advocate that obese people should eat light and fresh vegetables when they eat. This is clearly right. Because light vegetables contain less fat, which is good for weight loss. And the fresh vegetables are generally high in vitamin content, which is also particularly beneficial to weight loss. But when we advocate eating fresh vegetables, we should also notice that not all fresh vegetables can be eaten as they are. For example, cauliflower, also known as Goldilocks, contains colchicine when it is fresh. Although colchicine itself is non-toxic, it will be oxidized into a very toxic colchicine in the human body after eating. According to the study, if you eat fresh broccoli containing 3 mg colchicine, it will make you sick, vomit, headache, abdominal pain, and may also make you hematuria and bloody stool. If you take 20 milligrams, you can kill people. Therefore, broccoli must not be eaten fresh, but should be processed before eating at ease.

For example, fresh Auricularia can not be eaten, because fresh Auricularia contains a light sensitive substance called porphyrin, which will cause skin itching and edema when exposed to the sun after eating, and can cause skin necrosis seriously. If the edematous part appears in the throat mucosa, it will be troublesome, which will make it difficult to breathe and cause danger.

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