Four kinds of people can’t eat protein powder

Experts pointed out that special people should consult with doctors before eating protein powder; if they want to increase the consumption of protein powder, they should also seek the consent of doctors.

In patients with liver diseases, due to the processing and utilization of protein in the liver, the intake of protein should be increased appropriately. However, for the patients with coma and advanced cirrhosis of the liver, too much protein will increase the burden of the liver and aggravate the disease, so animal protein should be limited.

Patients with kidney disease should strictly limit the intake of protein, and the protein containing nine essential amino acids should be the main protein, the amount of protein should be limited to 20 & mdash; 40g / day.

Gout patients should avoid eating soy protein as the main component of protein powder. Because the purine in soybean can cause the increase of uric acid in the body and promote or aggravate gout.

In addition, children under 3 years old should not eat. The best nutrition for a baby is breast milk. If the child is unable to eat breast milk for various reasons, the formula of corresponding month or age should be selected instead of protein powder, because the protein composition of the latter is not suitable for young children and is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of the child, and it is likely to cause vomiting, diarrhea or allergy after eating.

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