Vitamins can't be added randomly

According to the national nutrition survey published by the Chinese Nutrition Society, the phenomenon of insufficient and unbalanced intake of vitamins and minerals is widespread in China. Nutrition experts point out. It's better to carry out targeted nutrition supplement under the guidance of doctors. It's harmful to take too many people.

If people take vitamin A for a long time or in large quantity, it may cause toxic reaction. In adults, more than 500000 U (unit) of drugs can cause acute poisoning. Performance for headache, fidgety, sweating, lack of appetite and so on. Chronic poisoning can also be caused if the drug is used continuously for more than 6 months (the normal dose is 25000u per day).

The harm of taking vitamin D continuously and massively is also very serious. Headache, nausea, anorexia, drowsiness, polyuria, dehydration, high fever or coma may occur. Protein and red blood cells may appear in urine test. If the drug is not stopped in time, hypercalcemia or renal failure may occur and life-threatening.

Taking a large amount of vitamin C can also induce the formation of stones in the urinary system and hepatobiliary system.

Generally speaking, the toxicity of B vitamins is relatively small, but long-term or high-dose administration will also produce some adverse reactions. For example, excessive vitamin B may cause allergy, especially when injected intramuscularly: large dose of vitamin B may cause acute renal function damage, resulting in
type urine or oliguria; excessive or long-term use of vitamin B may also lead to asthma, drug eruption, facial edema or palpitation, precordial pain, etc.

In addition, long-term use of vitamin E can lead to the formation of intravascular thrombosis, or damage to the intraocular lens.

Therefore, it is better to use vitamins (although it is an over-the-counter medicine) under the guidance of doctors. The principle is: do not take medicine if you can supplement with food; do not inject if you can take orally; reduce or stop taking the medicine if the symptoms disappear or reduce, and do not use them for a long time or in large doses.

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