Functional drinks should not be superstitious

According to the classification of soft drinks in the national standard of the people’s Republic of China, there is no such term as “functional drinks”. The correct term is “special purpose drinks”. This so-called “special purpose drinks” means adjusting the natural nutrients in beverages In order to meet the nutritional needs of some special people, the drinks include sports drinks, nutrient drinks and other special purpose drinks. According to the regulations of international beverage industry, functional beverage is a kind of beverage with health care function. It can meet the health care needs of specific people by adding vitamins, minerals and other functional factors into the beverage. In other words, functional drinks are suitable for specific people.

Because some functional drinks contain caffeine and other components that stimulate the central nervous system, it is not suitable for growing children and pregnant women to drink. As far as the average person is concerned, if you don’t exercise hard, sweat a lot, or drink it. Because there are minerals in functional drinks, such as sodium, which will cause the heart load to increase and blood pressure to rise without exercise, people with high blood pressure should pay attention to the choice.

At present, the standard of functional drinks in our country is not perfect. There are still some misunderstandings on how to choose and correctly understand functional drinks. In view of these, nutritionists suggest that we should pay attention to the following two points:

(1) Select drinks that have passed the national inspection and meet the health standards

At present, the more common functional drinks on the market are mainly green tea drinks with antioxidant effect; fruit and vegetable drinks rich in vitamins and carotene, which can help digestion and increase physical strength; vegetable protein drinks that provide energy and protein; four categories of drinks that add vitamins, minerals and can supplement human energy. You can buy them according to your own needs. You can distinguish which ones are inspected by the state and meet the health standards according to these two characteristics: first, there is a straw hat like logo on the product packaging, which is clearly marked with the words “health food”; second, the real functional drinks have the approval number on the package, which is written with the words “health food & times; times; times; No. & times; times; Number;.

(2) Functional drinks cannot replace water

Because most drinks taste good, many people give up drinking water and drink only drinks. According to nutritionists, functional drinks generally include vitamins, glucose, minerals, electrolytes, lysine, caffeine, taurine and other ingredients in water. These ingredients have certain anti fatigue and appropriate supplement of calcium, potassium, minerals, electrolytes, etc., which are more suitable for the specific population and adults with large physical loss. But in the development stage of children, the amount of exercise is small. If these ingredients are supplemented excessively, it will increase the burden of self-regulation of children, and excessive drinking will exceed the bearing capacity of children’s digestive system, kidney, liver and nervous system. Pure fruit juice is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C. children can drink it moderately, but the sugar content of fruit juice is high. Excessive drinking will cause obesity, diarrhea, malnutrition and so on.

Water is an important nutrient for human body to maintain normal physiological activities. In addition to its own nutrients, it also plays the role of dissolving, absorbing various nutrients, discharging various metabolic wastes, participating in thermoregulation, reducing the accumulated fatigue element (lactic acid) in muscles. Therefore, functional drinks and fruit juice can not replace porridge, fruit and vegetables, let alone water.

In a word, there is no clear evidence about whether functional drinks have certain functions and are beneficial to the body. For consumers, all you can do is not to be superstitious, but to understand this new product more rationally.

Health Tips

Nutritionists point out that in the absence of special regulations on functional drinks, only one of the 27 health functions of health food approved by the Ministry of health can

It’s really a functional drink.

Not all people are suitable to drink functional drinks, because some functional drinks contain caffeine, which will stimulate the central nervous system, so children and pregnant women had better not drink or drink less.

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