Break the misunderstanding: does the human body have acid and alkali?

Yesterday, an editor of a newspaper called me to do a telephone interview. It said that the human body has acid and alkali, some people have acid constitution, some people have alkaline constitution, and even a book said: “when people are born, most of their bodies belong to a healthy weak alkaline environment, but under the influence of all kinds of bad habits the day after tomorrow, their bodies will gradually become acid, while their bodies will become acid The direct consequence of the gradual change of body acid is the breeding of various diseases. When the pH value of human body is between 7 and 7.35, it belongs to weak acid constitution, which is easy to be interfered by small diseases or some diseases. When the pH value of human body is between 6.97, it belongs to strong acid constitution, which is very easy to suffer from major diseases such as cancer. So how to distinguish? How to pay attention to diet?

In fact, this statement is wrong.

Neutralization of acid and alkali is the most basic chemical reaction, and acid-base balance does exist in human body. But it is these simple common sense that impels the “theory of acidic constitution”, which does not exist. According to the theory of acidic constitution, acidic constitution is the source of all kinds of diseases. People with acidic constitution are prone to cancer. By adding alkaline food or nutrients, they can change their body from acidic constitution to alkaline constitution.

In fact, the concept of “acid constitution” is a forgery. Not only has no medical journal recognized by the medical community published papers on acid constitution, nor has it been recognized by any nutrition experts, but also there is no acid constitution at all.

Because the pH value of human blood is kept in a constant range (7.35-7.45), it is originally alkaline. If the pH value of blood drops below 7.2 due to disease, diarrhea, renal failure and so on, it will be fatal, let alone the acidity of pH value drops below 7. People with acid blood can not survive at all. What’s more, healthy people have alkaline blood, acid stomach, acid urine, and alkaline gut fluid?

As we all know, daily food is divided into acid and alkaline. After food digestion and absorption, the final product of metabolism in the body, besides the well-known water and carbon dioxide, is the residue of other elements. These elements are divided into two categories: one is the acid forming elements, including sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, chlorine, etc., which are acidic; the other is the alkali forming elements, including potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, etc., which are alkaline 。 If some food metabolizes into acid element, it is acid food. On the contrary, if there are more alkali elements, it is alkaline food. Maybe this is the basis of so-called acid-base constitution. But to determine whether something is acidic or alkaline, we can’t rely on the taste, but on the test. That is to say, the food is burned to ashes, and the acid-base value is tested with test paper, or the more accurate way is to determine the amount of each acid-base element.

Generally speaking, vegetables, fruits, seaweeds, milk, etc. belong to alkaline food; acidic food includes food, fish, meat, eggs, etc. It’s just a general rule. To determine whether a state’s food is acidic or alkaline, you have to test it. However, unfortunately, so far, there are not many foods that have been tested, and there is no research on the acidity and alkalinity of food in the academic database.

As for eating more alkaline food, it is not in line with common sense to achieve acid-base balance through acid-base neutralization and correct acid constitution. The influence of food acidity and alkalinity on blood acidity and alkalinity, if any, is very small. Therefore, it is impossible to change the pH of blood through alkaline food, which is also a joke.

Say in the back: of course, it’s absolutely healthy to eat more vegetables, fruits, milk and seaweed, which are called alkaline food. And the proportion of fish and eggs should be less than that of vegetables and fruits. Even if there is no theory of acid-base constitution, it is also recommended that the normal people have enough vegetables, a proper amount of milk, fruit and a small amount of meat every day, which is right.

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