Get rid of the deadly sugar addiction

Why is "sugar addiction" deadly? Maybe you can't believe that sugar is the most widely used legal poison in the world;! Like coffee, it makes the brain dependent. It's necessary for the human body to eat some sugar properly, but if it's too much, it's not good for the body.

  • (1) Accelerate skin aging

When it comes to eating less sugar, children are afraid of eating bad teeth. Many women think that eating sugar is easy to make people fat. But did you know that sugar can also accelerate skin aging!

Glycosylation = aging. The operation of human body requires sugar to provide heat, but too much sugar intake will cause "sugar phenomenon" on cell protein, which will make collagen and elastic fiber embrittle, harden and break, leading to relaxation, wrinkles, aging and other phenomena.

  • (2) Affect vitamin C function

The molecular structure of sugar is very close to vitamin C. If you take too much, it will compete with vitamin C in the body, which will affect the function of using vitamin C in the body, make the resistance worse and the body prone to inflammation.

In nature, most animals can convert glucose into vitamin C by themselves. There are only a few animals that can't do it, so both lions and tigers can live their lives without vegetables, while humans must take vitamins from fruits and vegetables. In order to be healthy, we must eat more vegetables and fruits, and reduce the intake of other sugars as much as possible.

  • (3) Reducing glucose intake can lead to longevity

Glucose widely exists in all kinds of food and is the main source of human energy. According to relevant research reports, reducing glucose intake can increase the content of "free radicals" in the body, thus stimulating the establishment of a long-term defense against "free radicals";. German researchers once said in a report that reducing sugar intake can make people live longer. The researchers found that reducing the glucose intake of some worms can increase their life expectancy by up to 25 years, equivalent to 15 years more for humans.

How much sugar is suitable for every day? Experts suggest 40 grams a day.

A lot of people will say, I know it's not good to eat sugar, but I just want to eat it. If you have to eat sugar, you should remember one point: the more refined the sugar, the worse it is, and the rougher the sugar, the better. The difference between brown sugar and white sugar is that there are many impurities in brown sugar, which are the ingredients with nutritional value. Brown sugar is extracted from sugarcane or beet and is not refined yet. The black color is its impurity, very nutritious, and also a protective angel to check and balance the disadvantages of sugar.

In addition, in addition to brown sugar, xylitol is a good substitute. It's an alcohol, not a sugar. It's as sweet as white sugar. But if you eat too much, you will have diarrhea.

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