Pig blood is suitable for the elderly

Pig blood is known as "liquid meat". According to the determination, the protein content of every 100 grams of pig blood is 16 grams, which is higher than the protein content of beef, lean pork and egg. It not only contains high quality protein, but also is easy to digest and absorb. Another prominent feature of pig blood is that it contains very little fat, only 0.4g fat per 100g, which is L / 70 of the fat content of lean pork. It is a low calorie and low-fat food. In addition, pig blood contains necessary inorganic salts (such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, etc.) and trace elements (such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, etc.), which play an irreplaceable role in many important biochemical reactions in the human body, and are very beneficial for the elderly to supplement minerals.

Medical research has proved that the trace elements such as zinc and copper contained in pig blood can improve the immune function and anti-aging effect. The elderly often eat pig blood, which can delay the aging of the body and make people deaf and sighted.

Pig blood also contains a certain amount of lecithin, which can inhibit the harmful effect of LDL-C and help to prevent and treat atherosclerosis. It is an ideal food for the elderly, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia and cerebrovascular disease patients. It is also quite beneficial to prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, forgetfulness, dreaminess and insomnia.

Pig blood
Pig blood

In addition, the elderly are not easy to fully digest and absorb food due to the loss of teeth, the difficulty of chewing and the decrease of digestive function. Pig blood is soft like tofu and easy to digest and absorb, so it is very suitable for the elderly.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, pig blood is salty and flat, which can be used to treat headache, dizziness, abdominal fullness, gastrointestinal noise and cervical erosion. Pig blood crucian carp porridge is a commonly used diet therapy method, that is, 300 grams of pig blood, 100 grams of crucian carp (descaling and viscera), 100 grams of Japonica rice, a little white pepper, and a proper amount of water are added to make porridge. It can be used to treat anemia, neuralgia, weakness, neurasthenia, insomnia and dreaminess.

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It is worth noting that when collecting pig blood, we must pay attention to hygiene and avoid pollution. Do not eat the blood of sick pigs.

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