Girls often drink pomegranate water to relieve dysmenorrhea

Pomegranate is a kind of fruit with red color and full flesh. It has a lot of sweet and sour taste and water content. The pulp splashed in the mouth has a unique taste. It can be used as a snack. Pomegranate in addition to the pulp nutrition, its peel is also treasure, usually do not waste, girls often eat is good for the body, with fresh pomegranate peel boiling water 6 effects, you know?

pomegranate water

Six functions of pomegranate peel boiling water

1. antiviral

It has a bactericidal and disinfecting effect on the body. Some people are more likely to be infected by the virus because of their own physical reasons. The water boiled by pomegranate can resist E.

2. Treatment of diarrhea

The alkaloids and acids in pomegranate water can protect the gastrointestinal mucosa to restore balance, restore the normal secretion of gastric acid, astringe the gastrointestinal tract, alleviate the diarrhea, and often drink can strengthen the gastrointestinal tract and improve appetite.

pomegranate water

3. Regulate menstruation

Pomegranate water can relieve dysmenorrhea. When boiling water, add brown sugar to nourish and nourish the body. The body feels comfortable and warm, and the discomfort of the abdomen will be weakened.

4. accelerate wound healing

When there is a wound on the body, it is easy to infect bacteria. It can be soaked in pomegranate water with gauze and applied to the affected area, which can accelerate wound healing and reduce pain.

5. treatment of skin diseases

Because pomegranate peel water has the effect of astringency and calming, it can also be used to treat skin diseases, such as psoriasis and eczema, when you have boiled water to clean, you can disinfect the affected area, so that the skin disease will be better faster.

pomegranate water

6. Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Pomegranate water has a lot of vitamins and flavonoids, which can unblock blood vessels, restore cardiovascular elasticity and prevent hardening. It can also effectively reduce blood pressure and blood lipid.

Although pomegranate peel is good, it has to be cleaned before boiling water. Put it in the pot and boil for 20 minutes, then it can be filtered out for drinking. Pomegranate peel boiling water has antioxidant effect. Women often drink it to reduce free radicals and keep young and healthy.

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