Oral ulcer: it’s good to eat these eight kinds of food quickly

The mouth ulcer comes suddenly, the small bag grows up in the mouth, eating and speaking will be affected. Oral ulcer is a common occurrence in people who are prone to get angry. It is very easy to repeat, and it takes a long time. In addition to taking medicine, oral ulcer can also take these eight kinds of food to accelerate oral recovery. People who get angry should always be prepared at home.

Oral ulcer

What’s good for oral ulcer

1. tofu

When the mouth ulcer refuses the hard object to feel the pain, the soft tofu is the very good food. It has the effect of cooling and relieving fire through the process of fermentation and putrefaction.

2. Persimmon

The white cream on the persimmon has a good effect of moistening the lung and promoting fluid production, and has a therapeutic effect on aphthous ulcer. It’s also cool and won’t burn after eating. Direct consumption of persimmon also has a bactericidal effect, accelerating wound improvement.

Oral ulcer

3. Sydney

Sydney is rich in vitamin B, but also to supplement the body’s lack of water, cool fire. After stewing, it tastes good to put honey into it.

4. apple

The vitamin in an apple can meet the needs of a day’s fruit. Cut it into thin slices and dip it into wine. It is contained in the mouth and has bactericidal effect. Eating it can speed up the recovery of oral ulcer.

6. Bingtang

In addition to being a condiment, Bingtang is also a good health food, which can regulate the middle Qi and nourish the spleen and lungs. In ulcer pain when contained in the mouth has a good pain relief effect.

7. cabbage

There are a lot of vitamins and microelements in cabbage, which can protect the spleen and stomach and cool down the fire. Eating more cabbage roots can improve the body’s immunity.

Oral ulcer


Kiwifruit has the function of sterilization and anti-inflammatory to prevent ulcer from becoming serious. Its plant acid, vitamin and other nutrients can improve the body’s immunity.

8. Tomato

The vitamin C in tomato is very high. It can maintain the metabolic balance of the body and accelerate the improvement of ulcer.

Oral ulcer is generally caused by the lack of immune system in vivo bacteria derived, usually pay more attention to oral health, maintain healthy eating habits, peaceful mood, can reduce the production of oral ulcer.

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