Give the skin the most thorough detoxification

1 Introduction to detoxification

In Japan, two years ago, it became popular to use the beauty whitening recipe of hot spring: immerse the body in water, completely relax the body and mind, and then detoxify and massage the body and facial skin. The method of facial massage is to gently massage the nose, cheek, mouth, eyelid, auricle and other parts after rubbing with two hands for dozens of times, so as to promote blood circulation and remove necrotic cells.

In addition to using detoxification whitening products, you can also drink two cups of green tea drinks every day, or simply chew and take green tea directly. Green tea contains vitamin E and vitamin C. In addition to excellent whitening function, vitamin C is a master of cell detoxification, which can accelerate cell metabolism, reduce free radicals produced by ultraviolet light and pollution, prevent toxin from invading skin cells, effectively sterilize and detoxify, and make skin white and tender.

Detoxification and blood circulation promoting massage

Whitening and promoting the blood circulation of skin is the most effective way to get rid of pigmentation and restore good complexion. The colder the weather is, the slower the blood circulation will be. How can you have a ruddy face? Recommended to promote blood circulation skin care products, very suitable for use in winter, especially some massage skin care products, can make your good face back.

In addition to strengthening the skin spiral massage to promote blood circulation, plant essential oils (Citrus, angelica, gingko, ginseng, jujube, manganese, Centella asiatica, B vitamins, etc.) can promote blood circulation, assist in skin nutrition and waste exchange, prevent skin dullness, make skin look bright, ruddy and lustrous.

Massage points for promoting blood circulation in the face

Key points: yangbai (2 inches above pupil) and Taiyang

Every day before going to bed, use the middle finger to press yangbai and Taiyang points, both of which are points with more Qi and blood, which can increase the ruddy complexion of the face after stimulation; then click the giant points (1 inch under Sibai) and Yingxiang points, which are located in the triangle area with rich blood vessels and facial nerves, which play a regulatory role in increasing the facial blood color, making the skin ruddy, healthy and shiny.

3 heat detoxification steam face VS heat mask

After the winter cold, the skin becomes rough and dark. The purpose of "steam bath" for the face is not only to clean the skin and increase the elasticity, but also to make the pores of the skin open, make the old and waste horniness fall off, and eliminate the dry wrinkles.

If the face steam bath is properly added with a little aromatherapy essential oil, the nutrients can penetrate into the skin through the open pores, and the steam and essential oil work together, which can also benefit the respiratory tract.

At this time, you can use the heat energy skin mask and grinding therapy to improve this situation. The thermal mask adopts the method of rotating force to make skin cells generate heat, thereby completely removing the lipids and keratinized dandruff produced by sebaceous glands, and completely retaining the heat generated by blood circulation. It is similar to the principle of steaming surface, bringing out the deep dirt of pores, but it is much more convenient than steaming surface. It is especially suitable for people with dark complexion, rough touch and insufficient foundation. A 6033 a 6033 4 cleansing and detoxification -- exfoliation, surface skin cleaning

There are many kinds of exfoliating products, and the most common ones are frosted and exfoliating facial mask. The abrasive products contain fine particles, remove the aged cutin when rubbing with the skin, and the exfoliating mask contains ingredients that promote the exfoliation of the keratin and dissolve the cutin by dissolving.

Need to remind is that exfoliation must not be excessive! Incorrect exfoliation (including too frequent use and too strong friction) may make the skin thin, reduce its resistance and cause skin sensitivity.

In addition, the frequency of exfoliation is not the same for each skin type. Oily skin should not be used more than once a week; neutral or mixed skin should be used twice a week; dry skin should be used once a month. The frequency of exfoliation is generally lower in winter than in summer. If daily use of products to promote aging cutin shedding (such as some whitening products contain mild exfoliation ingredients), you can appropriately reduce the frequency of using exfoliation products.

5 food therapy and detoxification -- red wine therapy

Drink a small glass of red wine before going to bed, the blood circulation is accelerated, the skin's absorption of moisturizers is significantly increased, and the complexion is also more ruddy and healthy.

Application of blush

Learn and be used to blush, pink orange and light peach are the first choice. Do not forget to put on some makeup every time. You should prepare a portable blush cream and apply it in makeup and bad complexion.

6 intimate Q & A -- what kind of skin needs detoxification

Q: Although my skin has no spots, but the complexion looks pale and lusterless, how to deal with this problem?

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