How about eating more fruit? But has anyone ever thought about how much fruit is good to eat

Often your elder friends will tell you to eat more fruits in life, and the doctor will often advise you to eat more fruits. But how to eat more fruits is to eat as much as possible, without controlling the quantity?

In fact, many female friends don’t have a specific and accurate concept about eating more fruits. In fact, many people think that fruit is beneficial to the body without any harm. As long as you can eat it, there is no matter how much you eat.

Today, Xiaobian is going to popularize the knowledge about eating fruit for you, so that women can eat fruit correctly.

How about eating more fruit

As for eating more fruits, in fact, the most reasonable daily consumption of the human body is in the range of 300-400g. That is to say, if you eat apples in a day, it’s better to eat two apples. If you eat more, it’s probably not good;

Why is that? Fruit is bad for your health if you eat too much? In fact, fruit does contain a lot of nutrients that are particularly helpful for your body’s digestion or supplement of nutrients; However, there is a saying that the extremes of things are the opposite. In fact, each kind of fruit also contains a relative amount of sugar and dietary fiber substances. If the human body ingests too much of these substances, it may cause the human body to become fat, increase the blood sugar level, or increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, causing stomach discomfort, abdominal pain, abdominal distention and a series of physical discomfort;

In fact, we should pay more attention to eating fruit at ordinary times, instead of being eager for success. We buy a lot of fruit at once, and then we plan to eat them all in one day as staple food.

When you eat fruit, you should also pay attention to the collocation. The above said that you can only eat two apples a day, which is not good for you to eat apples every day. In fact, you can choose to eat an apple, and then match with some small fruits, such as grapes, strawberries, etc., to make your fruit as varied and rich as possible, so the effect may be better; This can be achieved by eating these small fruits.

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