Mango with sweet and sour taste is really delicious, but this kind of people can’t eat mango

Summer is coming, and it’s the season of selling mangoes in the streets. You may often see some uncles and aunts holding a load of green green mangoes on the road, selling them at a stall. It seems that they can smell the attractive mango fragrance from afar;

Mangoes may be delicious and have high nutritional value, but not all people are suitable for eating mangoes. Some people with special physique can’t eat mangoes, or it may cause some adverse reactions.

No. 1: people with too much moisture should not eat mango

eat mango

Some people accumulate more moisture in the body, often feel heavy, or prone to edema, puffiness, and wet stool; Such people are not recommended to eat mango. Although there are many nutrient elements in mango that can be beneficial to human health, mango also contains damp poison. For this kind of people who originally have heavy moisture, eating mango will aggravate the moisture in their bodies, make your body gather more moisture, which may cause some diseases of dampness and make your body uncomfortable;

No. 2: people with poor digestive capacity and cold stomach are not allowed to eat mango

Some women may have poor physical fitness due to insufficient nutrition supplement during the growth and development period, resulting in some problems of weak stomach and intestines, or they will easily suffer from stomach ache if they often eat some raw and cold or frozen food; and often very young girls and children can resist the temptation of mango, many girls like to eat sour and sweet mango. However, because mango belongs to cool food, girls with bad gut should eat less or try not to eat as much as possible, because eating it may aggravate the gastrointestinal problems of the body, or it may cause you problems such as stomach distention and abdominal pain because it is not easy to digest.

So, although it’s a good season to eat mango, if there are two kinds of problems, people are advised not to eat mango, or try to eat as little as possible, or it may cause your body discomfort.

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