How do you usually eat dinner? Be sure not to do this


eat dinner

For example, many girls may not eat dinner to lose weight

I don’t know when, in some circles of female friends, there is a saying that if you eat less dinner or don’t eat it, it can help your body lose weight very fast. For such a statement, many female friends who want to lose weight will be highly praised, and after a period of time, they will find that they have lost weight. For this reason, many female friends who want to lose weight quickly will start to make more progress. Many times, even at dinner, they will starve and deliberately don’t eat, just to let their bodies lose weight quickly;

But in fact, such behavior is not good for your health. Although it may help you lose weight, it is easy to hurt your stomach; because most of the time, your body does not eat, but the stomach will continue to secrete gastric acid, and if there is no food for digestion, then gastric acid will hurt your stomach;

And remember that it’s not right to drink after eating

It’s estimated that some teenage sexual friends also like to have a few small drinks with some friends after dinner, but in fact, this kind of eating habit is not good, because drinking at this time will often lead to your body more excited, and alcohol will cause your spiritual system to be affected, which may affect your sleep at night after drinking alcohol Quality; this may be the opposite of what many people think is better sleep.

Therefore, in the dinner, we must treat it correctly and pay attention to some living habits after dinner.

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