Two common mistakes you have to know about alcohol detoxification

Many people usually drink, but maybe they are not afraid of drinking, and they seem to be very experienced in drinking. They can tell you several common ways to solve the problem;

However, some of the methods that many people often use in life may be unscientific sometimes, not only there is no way to play the role of alcohol, but also sometimes it is easy to hurt your body.
alcohol detoxification

For example, many people will tell you to drink some strong tea after drinking

Tea making may be a habit that many people have at ordinary times. It can help the human body to refresh and refresh the mind through drinking tea. Because of this, there may also be many female friends who think that after drinking the wine, if they want to wake up a little, or to solve the problem, they can choose to drink some tea to relieve it; And sometimes in order to speed up the speed of the wine, even they will deliberately brew very strong tea, because usually for such tea is always very refreshing.

But in fact, this method is not correct, because some theophylline in the tea will increase the burden of your body’s kidney system at this time, but will increase the damage of alcohol to your body;

There are many people who think that they can get rid of wine by drinking soda

At ordinary times, many people like to drink some wine and some soft drinks such as coke or sprite, which may not only have a better taste, but also think that drinking like this can reduce the alcohol concentration and make people less likely to get drunk; But in fact, this is unscientific, because the combination of soda and alcohol will make it easier for your body to absorb the alcohol you ingest. Moreover, for soda, which has a lot of carbonic substances, you can drink it after drinking, sometimes it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Therefore, for the above two common ways of detoxification, female friends need to pay attention to it, otherwise it may cause physical discomfort.

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