How men adapt to menopause

Male menopause health care, first of all, should have a correct understanding and scientific understanding of menopause, treat physical discomfort and psychological disorders with a healthy psychology, and avoid fear, worry and doubt. Keep the balance and calmness of mood, be happy and optimistic, and you will be able to pass the menopause smoothly.

How men adapt to menopause

In order to pass through male menopause safely, it is also necessary to enhance the disease resistance, so it is necessary to pay attention to:

(1) Mental adjustment. People pay more and more attention to the influence of people's mental psychology on their health. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes "tranquility and nothingness" in the aspect of spiritual cultivation, that is to say, being at ease and quiet without craving for distractions. Don't have too much delusion, don't worry about gain and loss, be cheerful and open-minded. People's optimism comes from correct life appearance and ideological cultivation.

(2) A reasonable diet.

  • ① Reasonable allocation. In order to give full play to the nutritional value of food, it is necessary to make a reasonable combination of quantity and quality, meat and vegetable. &"Harmonizing five tastes" and "nourishing five zang organs with five tastes" are important contents of traditional Chinese medicine.
  • ② There is a recipe for cooking. Reasonable cooking can make the food color, fragrance and taste better, and reduce the damage of nutrients.
  • ③ There are festivals in diet. The digestive function of the middle-aged and old people should be decreased, and their diet should be controlled. They should not overeat, or they will damage the function of spleen and stomach.
  • ④ The food should be light. Vegetarianism and light food are good for health. People who eat fat, sweet and tasty food for a long time are prone to dampness, fire and phlegm, leading to diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disease, etc.
  • (3) Exercise. It is good for health to insist on proper physical exercise every day, but we should pay attention to science, step by step, and do according to our ability.
  • (4) There are times in our daily life when we have leisure. Life should be regular, clothing increase and decrease to adapt to the four changes, work and rest.
  • (5) A proper sex life. Do not abstinence, moderate and pleasant sex life, good for longevity and health.
  • (6) Adapt to society and environment. Society and environment are not changed by people's physiological and psychological changes. We should learn to adapt to the current situation of society and the surrounding environment, keep calm and be healthy.

(7) If menopause does not have obvious symptoms and discomfort, you can go through it without taking medicine.


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