Breaking through the pressure, food is the “pioneer”

Men are the backbone of society and family, especially the middle-aged men. They are suffering from all kinds of pressures, physical and psychological overwork, increasingly overdraft physical strength, and the immune system is greatly damaged, which also gives the disease a chance. Behind a successful man there must be a virtuous woman, and behind a healthy man there must be a reasonable diet.

It is often said that – there is power only when there is pressure -that proper pressure is good for the human body. But if we are under pressure for a long time, it will bring health risks. If we bear overload pressure for a long time, we will exhaust our ability to recover. Under greater pressure, people will feel tired and weak, and then insomnia, headache and other symptoms will appear. This kind of state continues, can cause endocrine system disorder, body function maladjustment, even induce disease.

Breaking through the pressure

If we are in a hurry and under pressure, fast food is the first choice, and our health is damaged for the first time. In order to break through the pressure, we must have a healthy diet, eat more fiber and less greasy food. Fiber can reduce cholesterol and prevent cholesterol from staying in the stomach. Wheat bread, legumes, cereals and other foods are not only rich in fiber, but also rich in vitamins and other nutrients. Meat, milk, lard, chocolate, cake (saturated fat), sunflower oil, corn oil, salad oil, walnut and oily fish (unsaturated fat) should not be eaten more, so as to avoid obesity and heart disease. When encountering unpleasant things, impatient temperament and bad temper, choose foods rich in calcium, which have the effect of calming emotions. Dairy products such as milk, lactic acid and dried fish, etc. are rich in calcium, and have obvious effect after eating.

However, the intake of food is limited to a certain extent, and excessive intake will not only relieve the pressure, but also damage human health. The four recognized foods that affect mood are:


Although high sugar can make people have plenty of energy in a short time, in the long run, high sugar can make people gain weight and cause tooth decay. In addition, high glucose can also make the adrenal gland over secretion and reduce the body’s resistance, resulting in emotional restlessness, irritability and other symptoms.


Coffee and coke contain caffeine, which can stimulate adrenaline to increase blood pressure, stimulate the heart and produce stress response.


Each person only needs 1 gram of salt per day, but we often eat more salt rich food, so we intangibly take in too much salt. Eating too much salt can lead to high blood pressure, stroke or heart disease.


In the short term, alcohol can relax people, but long-term excessive drinking will lead to loss of appetite, tension, headache, and affect and damage the liver and gallbladder functions.

In addition, fast food and frozen food contain high unit fat and salt, which should be avoided or consumed in small amount. We should know that our physical and mental state is closely related to our diet. Therefore, when we are under pressure, we should pay special attention to diet. A healthy diet can always further reduce our stress. Relieve the pressure, let’s start from changing the bad eating habits!

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