How much fruit do you eat in summer? Is it really good to eat more fruit

With the coming of summer, the eating habits of many female friends have also begun to change. It is more and more difficult to accept the hot boiled water. They often go to the supermarket to buy some iced drinks or water to drink, and also eat more fruits;

When it comes to fruit, many people may think that fruit is a good thing, eating more fruit is good for people’s health, and they also like to eat some cold food in summer, so they buy a lot of fruit to eat without restraint, and often they may also eat fruit as a staple food.

How much fruit do you eat

But today, Xiaobian would like to remind the female friends who do this. In fact, fruit should be eaten in moderation. It’s not that fruit can be eaten recklessly.

Because fruit contains not only many beneficial nutrients and vitamin elements for human body, but also rich in sugar! For people with high blood sugar level, eating too much fruit may easily lead to a straight-line rise in blood sugar level, resulting in diabetes, high blood pressure and other physical diseases; For women who want to lose weight, eating too much fruit is a disastrous choice, because the sugar in the fruit will make your body accumulate more fructose. If you don’t digest it in time or you can’t digest it due to excessive intake, these fructose may turn into fat and accumulate in your body, making you more fat, instead of reducing fat;

Therefore, we must pay attention to the way of eating fruit. According to the latest scientific research report, everyone should eat about two apples a day. If it exceeds this amount, it may not be beneficial for your body to eat fruit, but may cause adverse effects on your body.

So, summer is coming, although it’s a good time to eat fruit, but female friends should also eat a proper amount, not too much.

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