Do you like to use straws for drinks? You are advised not to do this

After May, the temperature is getting higher day by day, and many people need to drink more water and drinks every day. When it comes to drinking drinks, many female friends may choose to use straws to help inhale the drinks in order to prevent the lipstick from changing or worry about the unclean bottle mouth.

It may be that many people think it is a cleaner behavior habit, but in fact, this behavior may have some bad effects on women.

use straws for drinks

Drinking drinks with straws may increase wrinkles in women’s skin

When a female friend uses a straw to drink a drink, she usually has a suction action. You need to pucker up your mouth and keep a mouth action to let you drink. If you often do this action, it will easily cause skin wrinkles around your mouth; besides using a straw to drink drinks, some male friends will often cause wrinkles on their faces when smoking, because the same action of smoking involves the skin of the mouth; Therefore, when drinking drinks in summer, female friends should pay attention to this point, and try to reduce the use of straw to drink drinks, because sometimes the straw is not so clean;

People who rub their eyes often may also cause eye skin damage

Some white-collar working women often need to face the computer for a long time or use their eyes for a long time to work in the daytime, which often causes eye fatigue or dry eyes. At this time, many people can’t help but want to use their hands to massage the eyes, and want to relieve the pain of the eyes through such actions. But in fact, many times this action will cause the eye skin to age faster, because your action is easy to make the eye skin pigmentation, thus making the eye skin black.

Therefore, some behaviors and habits in life happen naturally many times. You may not care about them, but they will hurt you. Female friends should pay more attention.

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