I heard that fruit is not suitable for eating after meals, but this kind of fruit should be eaten after meals!

As for fruit, many people may tell you that eating fruit after meals has been proved to be incorrect, even though many dinners and dinners often serve a plate of fruit after serving;

But Xiaobian wants to tell female friends today that maybe other fruits are not suitable for eating after all, but there is a kind of fruit that can be eaten after eating, that is pear.

As for pears, many female friends may be familiar with them. From Kong Rong’s pear in ancient times to now, pears may have been a common fruit known to everyone. So why can pears be eaten after meals? What’s the benefit of eating pears after meals? Let’s introduce it to you.

This is because eating pears after meals is more helpful for digestion


If the same food is eaten into the human body, different people may have different reactions. If some people’s gastrointestinal digestion function is relatively poor, and they often don’t exercise properly after eating, and they often sit and play with mobile phones for a long time after eating, then this is very bad for digestion, especially for girls, it is easy to cause obesity and gastrointestinal problems to further deteriorate;

At this time, you can help your female friends digest their intestines and stomachs by eating a pear after dinner, so as not to make women easily gain weight. This is because pears contain a lot of dietary fiber, which can help your stomach to peristalsis, so that you can clean up the intestines, better digest the food in the intestines, and also allow some of the accumulation in the intestines to be discharged out of the body with feces.

So in daily life, some female friends can choose to buy some pears and put them in the office. If they have to work immediately after eating, they can choose to eat another pear immediately after eating, which can help promote your gastrointestinal digestion, so that you won’t suffer from indigestion or fat due to long-term sitting and lack of exercise Fat problem.

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