Don’t eat pears when taking medicine! Show you some eating taboos of pears

Pear is sweet and delicious, but also a relatively cheap fruit. Many female friends like to buy some pears and put them in their dormitories, which can be eaten at ordinary times. Because pears can clear the lungs and stop coughing, which can prevent colds. Moreover, pears also have more water, which can help women’s skin replenish water, making women’s skin better and more tender;

taking medicine

However, although pears are good and cheap, you should also know some precautions and eating taboos when eating pears, otherwise eating pears may bring you some troubles and physical discomfort.

For example, try not to eat pears while you are taking medicine

There are more acid substances in pears, and potassium sorbate and other substances, and some drugs we often eat are usually alkaline, or with more alkaline substances; and the acid substances in pears and potassium sorbate are extremely easy to react with these drugs, sometimes it may lead to drug failure, which is actually a good result; And if some drugs will react with pears to produce toxic substances that are harmful to human body, then it may cause physical problems and harm your health;

Also, try not to eat pears at night

As mentioned above, pear is a kind of fruit with more water. Nearly 70% of a pear is water. Although it can help the human body to replenish water, it is not recommended to eat pear when you are about to go to bed at night, because this may make some female friends with poor kidney function often need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, which is not conducive to The quality of your sleep; it may also cause female friends to wake up the next day and find their eyes edematous, affecting your image.

So, although pear is a fruit with many benefits, female friends should also pay attention to these details when eating, so that you can eat pears healthily and eat pears healthily.

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