In order to keep beautiful, do you often ban your mouth?

Many girls usually like to eat some delicious food, but sometimes some delicious food, but you can’t eat more, because you are worried that eating more may cause fire or affect your skin;

But Xiaobian is going to tell you today that there are some foods you can eat, and they can help you maintain your skin after eating.

ban your mouth

First, beer

Maybe a lot of people will tell you that girls shouldn’t drink alcohol, and it’s not good to drink alcohol. Even if it’s a beer with a low degree, many people may not recommend you to drink it, but sometimes others are wrong. Because in fact, it’s good to drink some beer in proper amount for female friends, and it can help maintain your skin and improve your physical fitness. This is because beer contains a lot of vitamin B and protein, and drinking beer can help you prevent facial wrinkles; in addition, tannic acid and picric acid in beer can also promote your body digestion and cooling; Therefore, in daily life, in fact, girls can drink a little beer in moderation sometimes. As long as the amount is well controlled, actually drinking is good for the body;

Second, chicken bone

Some people may be curious that chicken bones can also be eaten. Aren’t you kidding me, are they all thrown away directly? In fact, sometimes you may have done something wrong, so in addition to chicken, chicken bones often contain extra nutrients. It has a special amount of chondroitin sulfate, which can help increase the body’s elastic fiber, benefit your skin, help your skin become more delicate and tender, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The specific method is that after you remove the chicken bone from the chicken, you can make soup together with the chicken skin. By drinking this soup, you can significantly improve the skin quality.

Therefore, in fact, a lot of good skin is eaten through food. Sometimes it is unnecessary to forbid eating too much or to fast yourself. Some delicious food is good for eating, just control the quantity.

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