In pursuit of delicious food, pay more attention to kitchen cleanliness

Food is people's pursuit and love, but many people only don't like to wash dishes and chopsticks after enjoying the process. It's no wonder that they don't like the greasy dishes, they don't have time to go to work right away, and they may also want to watch TV plays & hellip; In a word, there are many reasons for not cleaning bowls, but you can drag on, but can bowls be used? There was a rumor that four hours of not cleaning bowls equals to eating poison before, which shocked many comrades who do not like to clean bowls. Is that true?

kitchen cleanliness

In fact, there are two main conditions for this statement: one is that the time for bacteria to reproduce is relatively slow within 1-4 hours, and it will become faster after this time; the other is that the oil stains in the bowl provide living space and nutrition for bacteria, so the bacteria will become more and more.

There's nothing wrong with that, but it's still missing after careful deliberation. Because when we wash dishes, we not only rely on water washing, but also rely on detergent and other cleaning tools. These tools have bactericidal effect, so they will not cause poisoning.

kitchen cleanliness

Secondly, bacteria are also divided into good and bad. Not all bacteria are bad, just like Proteus is a kind of harmless bacteria, but its reproductive capacity is relatively slow, and it will not breed a lot. Therefore, the saying of taking poison is not credible. But it's not an excuse for you who don't like washing dishes. After eating, you should clean and clean the dishes in time. Finally, I will give you some suggestions.

1. The dishes and chopsticks after washing should not be piled up immediately or put away, because without drained water, the life of iron products can be shortened easily, and it will also bring favorable living environment for bacteria

kitchen cleanliness

2. The dishes and chopsticks should be disinfected regularly. If there is no disinfecting equipment at home, you can use boiled water to soak the dishes and chopsticks. In this way, you can also achieve the effect of high temperature antivirus. The best temperature is to reach 100 & deg.; soak for five minutes, which is effective. Especially the wooden chopsticks should be replaced once every three months.

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