People who lose weight should not eat like this, not only will they gain weight, but also will be unhealthy

On the Internet, you can find out what food is the same as what food. You can't eat it. It's better not to eat it together, whether it's true or not. But have you ever thought about it? There are some plain looking food, but it's not good to eat them together. If you don't say anything else, you may get fat by accident.

1. Rice + potato

People who lose weight

In terms of ingredients, potatoes and rice are both starch, so eating potatoes is equivalent to eating more rice. If you often eat potatoes covered with rice or sour and spicy potatoes with rice, then it's not fat!

How can I eat it healthily? Rice and potatoes can't be eaten together, but from the perspective of nutrition balance, if several people eat together, they should order more dishes. In this way, we can eat a plate of shredded potatoes in a flat way, which won't make us fat.

2. Porridge + pickles

People who lose weight

White porridge with salted vegetables should be breakfast for many people. Some people still think that white porridge can nourish the stomach. Eating it in this way will help the intestinal peristalsis and is good for the stomach. But in fact, this way of eating is not only not healthy, but also not nutritious. The main reason is that there is no nutrition in salted vegetables and the salt is still high, while the white porridge is mainly starch.

Of course, this is not to dislike white porridge. If you are really used to eating porridge for breakfast, it is recommended to improve the ingredients of porridge, such as adding some green beans, red beans and other grains, and then matching with some small vegetables and an egg, so that you can get full marks for the breakfast.

3. Instant noodles + ham sausage

People who lose weight

Sometimes we have to eat instant noodles, such as spending money, taking the train and working overtime, but sometimes we also love instant noodles. How can we eat instant noodles without sausage? Although it's very satisfying, in fact, the salty taste has already made us lose our health.

That's the sodium in it, so don't underestimate the instant noodles + ham sausage. The salt of the day after eating is enough, so how can you eat it healthily? Eat less or not, but if you want to eat it very much or only in case of emergency, you'd better put less than half of the seasoning when eating instant noodles, and also try to drink less soup.

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