Is it dangerous to drink this porridge? What should women do?

I believe that many women especially like porridge when they have breakfast and dinner, especially in the south. It’s a good habit to drink porridge with light quality. However, due to the concentration of work and life, many people don’t have time to make their own porridge, so they choose to buy ready-made porridge in baozi shop and breakfast shop. However, after a reporter’s visit and investigation, they found that these porridge really can’t be drunk!

drink this porridge

What’s the matter? It turns out that most porridge on the market is “glue porridge”. That is to say, in order to make the porridge taste better and more viscous, businesses will add various thickeners to the porridge, and some doses are not allowed by the food regulations!

In order to make porridge more viscous, xanthan gum has become the best medicine. Because of its good viscosity, xanthan gum is very popular in food processing. Is it really so terrible? Is it “glue porridge”? According to China’s food health standards, it can be used to add in raw flour products, but it is not allowed to add in rice products.

drink this porridge

Therefore, whether porridge is a rice product or not has become a special controversy. We don’t need to think about it. We just need to know whether it is harmful to the body. It has a high safety, and there is no excessive problem in the addition. So there are many news that “eating xanthan gum for a long time is easy to cause harm to the body”; It’s not right.

There are even legends that if this material is put into porridge, people will be poisoned if they eat it. In fact, it is not correct, so the citizens don’t need to panic because its safety is very stable, and it will not threaten our own health.

drink this porridge

But what if people drink “glue porridge”? Although yellow gelatin is not dangerous and is a food additive, some porridge is “glue porridge”. We should treat them differently. If we are afraid of having an impact on our body, we should worry about meeting “glue porridge”; , so it is better to stay at home and have a look. You can also add some nutritious food according to your preference, which not only enriches the nutrition, but also reduces your worry.

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