If you want to eat hotpot, you can keep these ingredients

What’s the best cure for cold winter? It must be a hot, hot and healthy hot pot, but do you know? When eating hot pot, some ingredients are not only not good for the body, but also dangerous, I wonder if you’ve got it?


Duck blood

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Speaking of duck blood, it’s a necessary dish when scalding the hot pot. The slippery duck blood is naturally integrated with our mouth when it enters the mouth. Once chewed, it’s more elastic. But you only care about its delicious degree, but not its safety.

In winter, as the demand for duck blood becomes larger, a large number of ducks need to be slaughtered. At this time, poor businesses will choose cheaper ones, and a large number of cow blood and pig blood will be replaced. Because cow blood is often the product that no one wants, and they do not know whether it is safe and quarantined, they will be adulterated into duck blood to act as substitutes, and in order to pay attention to it Taste, bad business is in which to add gelatin and so on to maintain the state of duck blood.


Squid and other seafood

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When we are washing hot pot, some seafood products have become the first choice. But many seafood products have died in the process of transportation. In order to keep the freshness, businesses choose to freeze them in the refrigerator, and in order to make the squid look fresh, they will choose to soak them in formalin. The seafood products with these chemicals are easy to stab people’s esophagus when eaten, Even left in the human body will bring physical harm.


All kinds of Meatballs


There are all kinds of meatballs, such as fish balls, beef balls, and small meatballs. The reason for popping is that additives are added and flour is added with a little seasoning, but they don’t have real animal meat. This kind of food has a long storage time and relatively cheap price, but it doesn’t have much nutrition for human body. We should also eat less and try not to eat them, Especially with the color of the ball is to add pigment, in the selection of more careful.

In addition, there is the soul of hotpot & mdash; & mdash; mutton. In addition to the appearance of mutton, it should also be purchased on its own according to its price. Because some businesses have mixed some duck meat and pork in it, it is easy for customers to fall for it.

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