Is it good for your health to eat overheated and hard food often?

Many people like to eat hot rice and drink hot tea, especially for postpartum women to avoid cold food, and eat hot food every day and meal, and some people like hard food, such as fried broad beans, peanut beans, fried soybeans and so on. These are bad eating habits.

Hot food refers to the food whose temperature is much higher than the body temperature, which generally reaches 80-90 ℃. This temperature will cause harm to the oral cavity. For example, if the epithelium of the oral cavity falls off after meals, it can also affect the taste sense function of the taste buds in the tongue, often causing loss of appetite. In the process of swallowing, this hot food is easy to damage the esophagus. Because the innermost layer of the esophagus is thin and soft mucous epithelium, overheated food, rough and dry hard food, hot tea and other drinks can scald or rub the epithelial tissue to form inflammation or ulcer. When esophageal mucosa and Dan are destroyed, it is easy to cause malignant change and become esophageal cancer. A recent survey found that many patients with esophageal cancer have the habit of eating hot meals. Most ulcer patients also like hot food and drink hot tea.

eat overheated and hard food
eat overheated and hard food

It can be seen that in daily life, eating hot food, drinking hot tea, eating again and some coarse, hard and tough old food will cause damage to the digestive tract. We should take about 60% of the food as the eating temperature, not more than 70 ℃, otherwise the digestive organs will be scalded.

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