What are the taboos for dinner?

Dinner is often the most abundant meal in people's day. It is also the one that people eat the most food and eat the best. How to eat dinner correctly? What are the taboos? The following is the analysis.

the taboos for dinner
the taboos for dinner
  1. Don't eat too much meat food for dinner. As we all know, after dinner for many people is rest and sleep. If you eat more meat and vegetables, that is to say, you eat too much fat, protein and other hard to digest food. These foods need to stay in the stomach for five or six hours before they can be absorbed into the small intestine. The stomach of the body that has already entered the sleep state has to work hard, which undoubtedly increases the burden on the stomach. In the process of digestion, gastrointestinal peristalsis needs to supply a lot of blood, which increases the burden on the heart. It's no wonder that some people say that "if you have a bad stomach, you will be restless in bed". Light people will suffer from insomnia and dreams, while heavy people will suffer from dyspepsia, which seriously affects people's rest and sleep.
  2. Don't overeat at dinner. After digestion, food enters the small intestine and is absorbed. Because too much food is taken, even if it is not mostly meat dishes, such as rice flour and other foods, it will still cause excess nutrients in the blood, such as high blood sugar. Excessive fat intake and protein increase. When these substances enter into the human body, people are in a state of sleep and rest, consuming less heat energy, so that energy has to be stored due to excess, which can cause obesity, vascular sclerosis, etc. It can be seen that eating too much for dinner can be said to be a disaster!

Therefore, we suggest that the dinner should be light and light, and the principle is to choose foods that are easy to digest and less greasy, so as to reduce the burden of gastrointestinal tract and heart in the sleep state, which is conducive to human health.

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