Is it necessary to invigorate the kidney in middle age

With the growth of age, the rapid pace of modern life, the relatively large work pressure and other factors, coupled with the advertising of “ten men and nine deficiency”, “fatigue is kidney deficiency”, “kidney deficiency is kidney deficiency” and “kidney deficiency is kidney tonic”, many middle-aged people who are tired of living always feel that they are “deficiency”;. So many people buy tonics. So, do people have to tonify their kidneys in middle age?

 invigorate the kidney

Deficiency of kidney generally shows renal related hypofunction. For example, brain reaction is slow, sexual function is low, easy to fracture, anemia, unable to hold urine, waist and leg weakness, etc. Although these symptoms are more common in middle-aged people, the causes of the above symptoms in middle-aged people are mostly due to excessive psychological pressure, rather than the real sense of kidney deficiency. Therefore, these patients do not need kidney tonic treatment.

In fact, many people don’t need to tonify the kidney at all, because fatigue and age are not the criteria for tonifying the kidney. If people who don’t need kidney tonics take kidney tonics, they will not only do no good to the body, but also destroy the balance of yin and Yang in the organs of the body and aggravate the disease. Moreover, kidney deficiency can also be divided into “kidney yin deficiency” and “kidney yang deficiency”. If “Yin Deficiency” is needed, it will aggravate the disease.

Therefore, middle-aged people do not have to tonify the kidney, but should pay attention to protect the kidney qi. Appropriate exercise can improve physical fitness, strengthen muscles and bones, so as to consolidate kidney qi; sexual life should be moderate, not indulgent; adequate sleep is also an important guarantee to restore kidney qi.

Traditional Chinese medicine often says that “tonic medicine is better than tonic food”. The food we often eat has the function of Tonifying the kidney, such as pork kidney, oyster, walnut, etc. Pork kidney and oyster contain a lot of zinc, which is good for kidney. Of course, if you suspect your kidney deficiency, for the sake of insurance, you’d better find a doctor to diagnose and then treat the disease.

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