Is western breakfast delicious and nutritious?

Under the influence of economic globalization, many foreign cultures are gradually flowing into China. It is not only reflected in some daily necessities, but also in some people’s eating habits. Some of China’s traditional eating habits have been gradually replaced, which can sometimes be said to be an improvement in living standards, or progress in civilization, but sometimes some of the foreign eating habits are not necessarily good.

For example, more and more girls like to eat biscuits, bread and other foods as breakfast. It is possible that the early Chinese traditional breakfast habits were all porridge, or soy milk, fried dough sticks, steamed buns and other foods;

But with the introduction of some Western-style pastries, some western-style desserts, such as biscuits, cakes, bread and so on, are more and more popular with girls, because girls usually prefer to eat sweet food, and also like delicate and small things, which meet these requirements; Even they are all manufactured products, which can be bought and put at home in advance without waiting. It’s very convenient. Unlike some breakfast, it’s not convenient to keep. Sometimes they get up late in the morning, and there’s no time to wait in line, or sometimes they’re too hot to eat until it’s cold;

These factors lead to the change of breakfast diet, but Xiaobian should tell the girls that it may not be good to eat these things often for breakfast, because the nutritional content of these things is relatively insufficient, and regular eating may lead to hypoglycemia;

Others like to have western style hamburgers and chips for breakfast. In fact, such things are not good, because they are fried food, which is not conducive to your stomach and body, and more likely to lead to obesity in girls.

In fact, it is an inevitable trend for Chinese and Western cultures to influence each other, but they should also choose to learn from the diet habits that are good for the body, rather than blindly advocating foreign food, which may be irrational and bad for your body.

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