Is it really better to eat tomatoes raw?

You may often see that some people often chew directly with a tomato in their hand. Those who like to eat sweet can sprinkle some white sugar on it to have a better taste. Some people even choose to bother, cut the tomato into pieces, mix other vegetables or fruits to make tomato salad to eat. They may also say that tomatoes are better to eat raw and more nutritious, but is it true? It seems that you are more accustomed to eating them when they are cooked

Therefore, now let Xiaobian answer this question for you, to analyze whether the tomatoes are good to eat raw or cooked.

If it’s from the perspective of nutritional intake, it may be better to eat tomatoes cooked. Because tomatoes contain a kind of lycopene, which may not have a great effect on the human body if it enters the human body directly. However, if it is heated by high temperature, these lycopenes will be released like the shackles, and can be diffused, which is more conducive to the human body and allows you to absorb more nutrients;

In addition, some people will think that the reason why tomatoes need to be eaten raw is based on the general idea, because many people think that if vegetables and fruits are heated, their vitamin C content may also be destroyed, thus affecting the nutritional value; But for tomatoes, you don’t need to worry about this factor, because there is a special organic acid in tomatoes, which can play a role of escort, protect vitamin C from being damaged when heated at high temperature, and reduce the loss of nutritional value. And the experimental results also show that whether you stir fry at high temperature, or With boiled water, the loss of vitamin C in tomatoes is very small.

So in fact, from the perspective of nutritional intake, tomatoes are better when cooked, which can make you supplement more nutrients.

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