It's good for women to eat some chili

Hot pepper is spicy, can stimulate appetite, appetizer helps digestion. But many women think that eating hot pepper is easy to catch fire, and it will make their faces pockmarked. So, in order to be beautiful, they have to stay away from the hot pepper even though they love it. In fact, this is not necessary.

Research conducted by the German Academy of nutritional medicine and nutrition shows that spicy condiments such as chili and pepper can effectively help people lose weight. Spicy condiments can make people sweat, thus increasing the body's energy consumption.

The latest nutrition research shows that, to some extent, capsicum is the best supplement for women;. The content of vitamin C in capsicum is the first in all kinds of vegetables, and it is also rich in B vitamins, carotene, calcium, iron and other nutrients. More importantly, capsaicin in Capsicum can promote the secretion of hormones, thus promoting metabolism, dissolving body fat, inhibiting fat accumulation in the body, and playing a role in weight loss. Moreover, eating some chili peppers in proper amount will not cause pimples, but will make the skin smooth, so it also has the effect of beauty.

Therefore, female friends had better eat a little pepper properly, which can not only beautify and beautify but also reduce weight. Why not!

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