It’s harmful to sleep with socks

It’s cold in winter, some people can’t sleep because their toes are cold. At this time, they often choose to put on socks to sleep, which is not good for the body at all.

The harm of sleeping in socks

When the toes are too cold to fall asleep, you can put on the foot covers to sleep, so that you can keep the temperature of your feet. And wearing socks to sleep will hinder the spread of heat in the feet, which will make the whole body hot and make people tired after getting up. If you often wear socks to sleep, it will affect the normal temperature regulation of the human body, so that the sympathetic nerve becomes dull, and the cold disease aggravates. If the socks are too tight, it will affect the blood circulation, so that the lower limbs can not be fully rested and regulated. So the habit of wearing socks to sleep is wrong. You can warm your feet with a warm water bag before going to bed, and then take it out when you sleep.

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