Reading newspapers in the toilet is not advisable

To make the most of their time, many people are used to reading newspapers or smoking when they go to the toilet. However, these bad living habits virtually prolonged the time of defecation.

Constipation caused by reading newspaper in toilet

Going to the toilet and reading newspapers is easy to cause constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases. The incidence of hemorrhoids was 57.88% when the defecation time was less than 9 minutes, and 72.41% when the defecation time was more than 10 minutes. Squatting for a long time will cause the continuous increase of abdominal pressure, affect the blood flow of rectal vein, and eventually lead to the formation of hemorrhoids.

Some people go to the toilet with newspapers, squatting for half a day. Those books and newspapers inhibit people’s consciousness of defecation, lose the sensitivity of rectum to fecal stimulation, and cause constipation over time.

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