It's not easy for women to grow old when they are properly matched with meat and vegetable

Nowadays, many people advocate vegetarianism and think that vegetarianism is good for health. Is there any scientific basis for this? Does this diet have any effect on the beauty and slimming of women? I believe that's what many people want to know.

&It seems to be a fashion to say that "eating meat is more harmful than eating meat, so you can live a long life if you eat it". It's no wonder that the obesity caused by eating big fish and big meat has brought all kinds of modern diseases to people, which makes people have to focus on the seemingly healthy vegetarians. Some people even become vegetarians without any meat and smell. In fact, this concept of diet is not scientific.

t's not easy for women to grow old

Fangfang was afraid of growing fat and ugly, so she simply became a vegetarian and never touched meat again. Lettuce, apples and white rice almost became her main food. However, after half a year of such consumption, Fangfang found that she always had no spirit, and the quality of sleep at night was very poor, resulting in sleepiness at work. Slimming effect is there, but menstruation began to be irregular, skin problems continue to appear, dark yellow, dull, no luster. For the sake of her health and beauty, she began to resume a meat and vegetable diet. Unexpectedly, two months later, her skin color not only improved, but also irregular menstruation began to become regular.

t's not easy for women to grow old

There is a saying in the Internal Classic of the Yellow Emperor: five dishes are for filling and five animals for helping. &In other words, the diet should be comprehensive and reasonable. There should be no meat in the diet. Only when the meat is taken as the beneficial supplement of the main food can it be a reasonable diet. Long term vegetarians suffer from malnutrition, which leads to deficiency of Qi and blood, poor physical strength and spirit, and serious diseases. Nutritional megaloblastic anemia is caused by long-term vegetarians. And if long-term meat eating is also unreasonable, it will not only lead to damp heat or phlegm wet quality, make the body fat, but also easily lead to many diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and so on, which are related to long-term meat eating. Therefore, a reasonable diet should be combined with meat and vegetable to ensure sufficient Qi and blood in the body, to harvest a peaceful constitution and to ensure health and beauty.

Generally speaking, poultry, meat, fish and shrimp, eggs, etc. are called meat food. They are warm and cold. For example, mutton tastes sweet, warm but not dry. It belongs to meat food. If you eat mutton in cold winter, it can not only resist the wind and cold, but also nourish your body. But if you eat mutton with some vegetarians, such as red dates, wolfberry, ginger, yam, coriander, onion, garlic and so on, it can play a more nourishing role.


In a word, in our daily life, we should adjust our diet according to our diet, life, working condition and physical condition. When you are busy, you need to supplement your physical strength. You can eat more birds, lean meat, fish and shrimps. When you cook, you can eat a variety of vegetables. You can not only enjoy the happiness of eating, but also maintain your body and promote your health. Here are a few meat and vegetable dishes.


Every festival, there will be more animal food such as chicken, duck, fish, meat, shrimp, crab and so on. Although they are nutritious and delicious, they should not be eaten too much. Female friends who love beauty and care for their own health must control themselves. When eating a large number of meat and delicious food, it must be accompanied by a large number of vegetables and fruits to ensure the meat and vegetable matching, acid-base balance, and to ensure that 200-300 grams of grain food are eaten every day.

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