Women want to be beautiful, don’t ignore the three inches under the navel

Women are like flowers, which need to be nurtured and cared for carefully. However, in recent years, a variety of female diseases, including vaginal infection, uterine fibroids, cervical erosion, ovarian cysts and so on, not only erode women’s health, but also become a gray killer of women’s beauty. Therefore, if a woman wants to be beautiful, she should take good care of the “back garden”;.

The woman who carefully nourishes and cares can bloom infinite beauty like a flower. But once a woman’s umbilicus is not well maintained, various gynecological diseases will entangle her, which will not only affect her health, but also affect her appearance.

Xiao Ke is fresh and beautiful. No matter where he goes, he is full of youthful vitality and sunny smile. But after an inadvertent pregnancy, Xiao Ke had an abortion. It was this operation that made Xiao Ke lose his vitality and beauty. Since the abortion operation, Xiao Ke’s abdomen has always been in a dull pain, and the leucorrhea is much more than before the operation. The regular menstruation is also delayed for many days every month. The face is not as smooth and clean as before, with many spots. Later, she saw a doctor and learned that it was the abortion that caused the adnexitis and other problems.

Women are like flowers. Only with careful care can they be charming and beautiful. But a woman’s face is a flower, and the three inches under her navel is a woman’s & ldquo; back garden & rdquo;. Only when the whole garden is well cared, can the flower bloom healthily. Once a woman suffers from gynecological diseases, pelvic inflammation, appendicitis, cervicitis, vaginitis, irregular menstruation, lump and blood stasis, etc., which directly affect the skin and body. At this time, even the best cosmetics are useless.

&The “back garden” is not healthy. Besides the usual hygiene, it is also because of the cold.

Cold body, especially three inches under the navel, will lead to a lot of discomfort: poor blood flow, cold hands and feet, dysmenorrhea, etc. Once the blood flow is not smooth, it can not nourish and moisturize the skin, the face will grow spots, the skin will be dull and lack of vitality. Moreover, if the reproductive system of the three inch land under the umbilicus is in a cold state for a long time, it will take self-protection measures & mdash; & mdash; it uses more fat to keep warm for itself, that is, it will grow a lot of fat in the small abdomen. Therefore, female friends must pay attention to keeping the & ldquo; back garden & rdquo; warm, keeping the whole body warm and letting Qi and blood flow smoothly.

A large part of the reason why a woman’s body is cold is because of food problems. In order to keep slim, many female friends eat fruits and vegetables instead of fat and protein, such as meat and eggs. And women like some cold drinks, such as ice cream, ice drinks and so on. Long term consumption of these foods will make the body cold. In addition, many women, especially those in the south, also like to drink herbal tea. Although there are fewer pimples on their faces, their bodies are cold, and other problems appear again. In order to take good care of our “back garden”, we need to pay attention to the following points in our diet.


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