Keeping kidney essence is very important

You are in the month corresponding to August. If the prime time represents the opening of a day or a year, then the unitary time represents the closing of a day or a year. The human body, like the natural world, starts to converge in autumn and winter from this moment. At this time, the pathological change of the body is that there is a problem in the collection function of the kidney, while the low fever in the unitary time is a big injury of the kidney qi, especially for the adolescence or newly married men.

When you are in charge of the kidney meridian. The kidney mainly stores essence, so the Chinese people pay most attention to the kidney. What is essence? For example, essence is like "money". You can buy everything and cash in everything. Where there is a problem with the tissue of human cells, the essence will become it or help it. Essence is the most creative primitive force in human body. It is the most basic material to support human life activities.

Keeping kidney essence

From another point of view, the source gas is stored in the kidney. Vitality is what we are born with, that is to say, the so-called "one breath of human life";. So we all pay attention to tonifying the kidney at a certain age, and the body has its own system. If the meridians are not smooth, it's useless to eat as many tonics as possible. If you don't want to tonify them, you must see your digestion and absorption ability.

You are suitable for dinner, dinner should be less, can drink a small glass of wine, but not drunk. Washing feet with hot water can reduce fire, activate blood circulation and dehumidify. It's good for your teeth to rinse your mouth after dinner and wash away the poisonous gas residue of your diet.

After eating, it's better to exercise at the right time instead of going to bed immediately or watching TV without moving. As the saying goes, "a hundred steps after a meal can make you live ninety-nine", but this "walking" is particular, otherwise it won't have the effect of health preservation.

After a meal, the stomach is in a state of fullness, which requires enough blood to ensure digestion. If the stomach moves immediately after a meal, part of the blood will be scattered to meet the needs of other parts, and the blood obtained by the gastrointestinal tract will be reduced, which is not conducive to digestion. Therefore, it's best to rest for half an hour before walking.

It should be noted that the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large in winter, so it is not suitable to go out immediately after eating out, otherwise it is easy to cause cold and headache, and it will increase the blood supply burden of the heart. Therefore, you should sit down and have a rest after meals, and start activities after 20 & mdash; 30 minutes.

In addition, do not drink immediately after meals. Many people will drink a few cups of water or tea immediately after drinking, thinking that they can dilute the alcohol concentration, which is actually more harmful to the body. Therefore, it is best to drink water for half an hour after meals.

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